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Volume II 

Volume 1 is the projects that I completed during Pratt period from 2016 to 2019. 

This section contains four categories includes studio projects, furniture fabrication, interior style practice and field works during JSE period.


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A building without a monumental meaning or a culture’s collective memory can make a statement through the abstraction of its original stylistic intentions. The cultural character of an existing building can be emphasized by purifying the interior structure, strengthening the key features and weakening the others. The India House in Manhattan’s financial district is converted to 21st-century function naturally evolving with time.

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Having no boundary between humans and nature is a fundamental part of the Danish lifestyle. The general idea of the project was to create a kitchen within nature. Having a kitchen with large windows can provide a focal point and highlight the abundance of fresh, green scenery for both adults and children to enjoy while cooking. "The Path", refers to the road toward nature from daily urban life. 

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By adapting and mimicking the silhouette of a bronze beer barrel, the overall project is "wrapped" by the bronze railing and ramp to create the dramatic visual effect.

The center opening above the experience center allows people around this three-story building to make a visual connection and provides opportunity to participate in activities together.

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