Calligraphy Pavilion

Revolution of

the Body Language



Technique Support /

3d model: SketchUp

Plan: AutoCAD

Diagrams: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator 

Rendering: Enscape, Photoshop

Inspired by the calligraphy drawn by body movement, the pavilion aims to demonstrate the dynamic character of calligraphy.  The five versions of the pavilion were developed from each other to explore the form of calligraphy itself.

The beauty of calligraphy is expressed through body movement. The traces left became the inspiration for the pavilion. Through a series of abstract developments, the pavilion was inspired by calligraphy with an innovative, less literal attitude.

靈感來源於用身體語言創作出的線條, 像是蒼勁而有力的書法筆畫, 由此發展出不同的空間律動. 這個抽象的練習成為個人在普瑞特設計學院的啟蒙作品. 由此開始認識何謂設計的發展過程.  

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