Designer's Stool

Pratt Fabrication Lab

Series I

Technical tool/
Model: Hand-made

Rendering: Photoshop

 This is fabrication practice for furniture making. The concept is to create a very first piece or object for a new place. Thus, this stool can serve different functions, including sitting and storing. When people move to a new place, they can use it to organize their daily life in a simple way.

設計師的椅子, 一件在普瑞特工坊製做出來的椅子. 概念是創造異鄉遊子搬進新環境後第一件可以滿足基礎功能的家具. 這張椅子可以是邊桌或是茶几或是凳子, 為新的環境添上一抹熟悉的影子. 

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