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Volume I 

Volume 1 is the projects that I completed during Pratt period from 2016 to 2019. 

This section contains four categories includes studio projects, furniture fabrication, interior style practice and field works during JSE period.

studio projects 

/    Alley of history

A building without a monumental meaning or a culture’s collective memory can make a statement through the abstraction of its original stylistic intentions. The cultural character of an existing building can be emphasized by purifying the interior structure, strengthening the key features and weakening the others. The India House in Manhattan’s financial district is converted to 21st-century function naturally evolving with time.

/    Joy within the green


Having no boundary between humans and nature is a fundamental part of the Danish lifestyle. The general idea of the project was to create a kitchen within nature. Having a kitchen with large windows can provide a focal point and highlight the abundance of fresh, green scenery for both adults and children to enjoy while cooking. "The Path", refers to the road toward nature from daily urban life. 

/   Creativity of shiny spiral

By adapting and mimicking the silhouette of a bronze beer barrel, the overall project is "wrapped" by the bronze railing and ramp to create the dramatic visual effect.

The center opening above the experience center allows people around this three-story building to make a visual connection and provides opportunity to participate in activities together.

color study

/   Femininity of Antelope 

To mimic the sense of Antelope Canyon, reflective colored glass and plastic layering cooperate with plaster walls as the dominant materials in the space. Layering different colored glass can create various reflections through lighting behind it. Rough earthy-toned plaster walls mimic the texture of canyon rock. Clay-made lighting fixtures help to echo the theme of the space. 

/   Humanity in mother nature

The concept is to express the transition of human civilization from a rough status into a refine condition through the Industrial Revolution and the evolovation of technology. Contrast between rough and refine states the goal of the company: ” to create a better life through peaceful development” 

/   Winter, the holiday house

To express the feeling of winter, the space uses great amounts of cold and dark tones with a touch of warmth to build winter emotion.

furniture fabrication

/   Ocean inspiration

Inspired by the beauty of the mysterious ocean creature, the shelf presents the shape of the whale from different angles.


Combined static and dynamic state of its movement to emphasis the streamline  of  a whale from both top and front views. 

/   Handcraft for efficiency

This is fabrication practice for furniture making. The concept is to create a very first piece or object for a new place. Thus, this stool can serve different functions, including sitting and storing. When people move to a new place, they can use it to organize their daily life in a simple way.

/   Beauty of Oriental 

Inspired by the calligraphy drawn by body movement, the pavilion aims to demonstrate the dynamic character of calligraphy.  The five versions of the pavilion were developed from each other to explore the form of calligraphy itself.

field works

/  #001 High-end Residential Renovation

/  #002  Gym

/  #003 High-end Residential Renovation 

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